Flexibility: Stretching Your Boundaries


Flexibility: Stretching Your Boundaries
Finding flexibility translates into making your relationship healthy for you both.

Try this practice. Every day commit to working on a physical stretch that is challenging for you, like bending forward and touching your toes or sitting down with legs outstretched and reaching for your ankles. Give yourself ten breaths to move deeper into the stretch and with each breath imagine how you can open up to your relationship.

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It is easy to confuse our capacity to show up for each other with the more passive tendency we slip into of coexisting. They resemble each other when we grow accustomed to not allowing ourselves to need or be needed. But coexisting doesn’t have the stickiness factor that showing up and being flexible does, because it happens as a matter of course, not a matter of choice.

Choosing your relationship health and finding the flexibility to feed it translates into all the dynamics that make a relationship great. Communications get easier and softer, passion gets ignited and your thoughts about your life improve. So stretch a little and call itself love.

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