Is A Democrat-Republican Relationship Doomed?


Is A Democrat-Republican Relationship Doomed?
Four tips for cross-political couples.

2. Respect each other. Remember that you both want the same outcome and respect each others path. When Mark and Jennifer purchased their home, they knew that renovating and restoring their 19th century home would be challenging because they planned to do the work themselves. They both had a clear vision of what their home would look like, but they learned early on that it was impossible for them to agree on every paint color and lighting fixture.

They applied these same skills to their disagreements regarding the presidential candidates. They both realized that ultimately they wanted the same end result; a healthy country.


3. Stop overreacting. Jennifer noticed that when she did get upset, it felt as if she was overreacting. They had decided to discuss things and respect each other, and she had no idea why she felt betrayed because they weren't voting the same ticket. When she overreacted she knew intuitively that she wasn't reacting to the current situation. She felt she was reacting to some older subconscious issue. When she found herself feeling this way, she took the time to take a deep breath, and made sure that she didn't say anything hurtful.

4. ... and if you do overreact, move past it. Overreacting isn't a bad thing but ignoring these feelings can cause problems later on. When you find you overreact it's a good opportunity to think about other similar situations in your life when you felt the same way. In Jennifer's case, I suggested that she think of times she felt betrayed by others and use EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique to eliminate future overreaction.

Jennifer spent time reviewing past experiences and sounded excited when she called me the next day. She was surprised she remembered unresolved anger and disappointment about an earlier situation when she felt betrayed by someone else.
Now that she understood where it came from she was then able to separate it from her current situation with Mark and her overreaction about his voting for the other guy disappeared.

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