Where Happiness Is & Where It Is Not


Where Happiness Is & Where It Is Not
Discover the Truth about Happiness & How to get there On-Demand. 1st time ever, a chapter revealed.

Mastering the Art of Feeling Good Intro Series: Part-3

This is exciting because this is the first time ever that I've revealed a full chapter of my book, Mastering the Art of Feeling Good. When I was thinking about the best way to sum up achieving happiness on-demand, I realized I already had, so here it is...



(Chapter 5) Where Happiness Is – and Where it is Not

“The foolish (wo)man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet.” James Oppenheim

It’s time now to start considering feeling happy most of the time. The first steps are what we’ve covered already: Know what you are. Begin thinking and doing the things that bring joy to you. Dream your dreams and cultivate them. So now we can look at some maintenance practices, starting with intentionally creating habits of feeling good and being happy. Believe it or not, unhappiness is a habit, or series of habits; thus, happiness can be a habit too!

The goal is to Feel Good as much as possible. And I’m not referring to the use of mood or mind altering substances or practices that involve anything outside of you – these are not sustainable, nor can they always be obtained on demand. I am referring to the mood and mind altering practices that you are capable of doing yourself on demand. I like how the late Lester Levinson, creator of The Sedona Method, put it when describing how to find the “ultimate good” that we’ve all been struggling and searching for. He said, “We’re so habituated into looking over here, over there, in him, in her, in this job…and it never is there!” So if it’s not there, where is it? If it’s not outside of you, where else can you search? Only inside. You’ve probably heard that before, but may not have really known how to do it; I didn’t know how to do it for a long time.

“When we look at a child, we see that the sense of fullness, of intrinsic aliveness, of joy in being, is not the result of something else. There is value in just being oneself; it is not because of something one does or doesn’t do. It is there in the beginning, when we are children, but slowly it gets lost.” A. H. Almaas

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