Healing from Trauma with EFT


Healing from Trauma with EFT
Dealing with past or present Trauma, PTSD, or Phobias…This could be the answer you’ve been seeking.

EFT’s effectiveness and success has been documented by thousands, maybe even tens of thousands by now, of people suffering from PTSD from war, violence, the experience or witnessing of severe tragedy; it relief of extreme grief and any phobia you can think of. It’s a truly amazing, simple technique of tapping the end points of energy meridians of your body, pulling in participation of both sides of your brain, and resulting in the deactivation of the feelings of anxiety, the fight or flight response, and allows the clarity of your mind to reign.

Below is a download of the manual in case you’d like to find out more and try it for your healing. You can also help someone else through the technique.


To Your Success in Healing ~


EFT Manual

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