Get Your Groove Back: Take The Edge Off Your Holiday Stress


Get Your Groove Back: Take The Edge Off Your Holiday Stress
Wouldn't great sex more often take some of the edge off your stress? 6 Simple Tips to help you do it

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season just seems to stack more stress onto a woman's already too busy mind. Deciding the right gifts for everyone, planning the feasts, maybe struggling with the finances or dreading family personalities at the upcoming gatherings - whatever your concerns, wouldn't some great sex more often take the edge off a bit?

Of course it would! So why aren't you doing it?


In most cases, a woman doesn't come to climax during sex because her mind is too busy to relax and enjoy the moment. Okay, ladies, how many of you will admit that when you and your partner get together your mind stays racing with home and work issues that swim around in your head on a regular basis? Your partner doesn't know what's going on and that it may take a bit (or a lot) more romance, tenderness and time to get you where you need to be for a satisfying orgasm(s). Yet, that orgasm is just what you need to set off the much-desired hormone in your brain, oxytocin, which takes the edge off your physical and mental stress for up to 3 days - not to mention it creates a response in us to be much nicer to others.

Now you're asking: What can I do about? You're thinking: I can't shut off my brain! Actually, you can shut down the clutter in your mind - you just have to learn how to do it, and then do it.

This holiday season, you can gift yourself by beginning to take back control of your mind, and your life. No longer do you need to let the lack of focus, the lack of sleep and the energy-drains of fear, doubt and worry rule your world. You can learn the practice of quieting your mind so that you can access clarity and face everything in your life in a more peaceful perspective giving you the ability to enjoy the things in life that are meant to be enjoyed.

Things in Life Meant to be Enjoyed:
Great Sex
Being 'Present' with Your Loved Ones
Time with Yourself/Self-Care
Living Your Life with Intention/Opposed to feeling overwhelmed, even victimized
The Awe of Nature
Good Health
And SO much More

To set yourself up for enjoying life more fully, if you're not right now, is going to require you to dedicate some time and importance to it. You have to take this time for yourself. Not taking the time to acknowledge yourself as a top priority is just a habit you've gotten into that can be changed. If you will dedicate just 10 minutes each day for yourself to practice a quieting of your mind (60 would be optimal), you will begin to see the results of your overall stress decreasing more and more.

6 Simple Tips to Quiet the Clutter of Your Mind:

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