6 Steps To Feel Good More Often


6 Steps To Feel Good More Often
Ever wish you could just feel good more often? Have you given up on your dreams? This could help...

Mastering the Art of Feeling Good Intro Series: Part-2

Now that you understand a bit more about your own personal power (Part-1), let's examine ways of using that power to add more joy into your life to feel good more often. The first step is to simply intend to do it. Decide you will seek to feel good more often.


Next, take 15-30 minutes, with pen and paper in hand, and begin to think about the things that you've already enjoyed in your life. Think back as far as you can remember. Begin to list those things on your paper; write what you know you have and do enjoy.

Then add to the list the things you've always thought you'd enjoy, but haven't done yet. In adding these items to your list, let go of any, real or imagined, limitations of why you think you can't do them - just for now. There is a reason behind that last statement. You want to make your list with a limitless mindset. Just do it!

Once you've exhausted the list ideas for now, post it up somewhere you'll run into it often (i.e the refrigerator, your office area) and consider it an ongoing list. In other words, you're going to keep adding to this list as things come to mind - which they will, because you've made it your intention.

Now start to do some of the things on your list. Create the time to do one or more of these things daily or weekly. Your mind has already begun to work out the details for the listings that you wrote down that you normally put limitations on, so just let those simmer for now until you feel compelled to do them - and you will!

It's so simple to enjoy life more often if you'll just make that your intention and give it some thought. Another way to add a lot more joy to your life is to be in pursuit of your dream(s). Do you still dream or have a dream? Everyone has a dream, but some have forgot about it or have already given up on it. Have you?

Having a dream is part of life. You have it because you're capable of realizing it. All things are created out of a thought. Then your mind, your wonderful imagination, develops that into an amazing, possible for you, dream. Remember, you were born a wonderful creator.

Sometimes we let "life" get in the way by allowing others or circumstances to dictate our path. Yet in reality, you get to choose your path and what you will do with your life. You will find times that you need additional support to pursue, plan or execute your dream path, and you will find it if that's your intention.

Never give up on your dream. It's NEVER too late. Your life is lived through your desires. If you desire nothing, you die. So when you pursue your desires/dreams, you're not only living, but you are full of positive energy (that feels great by the way) with a forward momentum toward something that you want. The journey itself, is you living a successful life. And once you obtain your goal, guess what? A new desire is born. You will always have something to look forward to.

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