Love Ryan Gosling? 3 Ways Your Man Can Be More Like Him


Love Ryan Gosling? 3 Ways Your Man Can Be More Like Him [EXPERT]
... because every woman deserves her own leading man.

3. Let him be your superhero. Breaking up street fights and saving a woman from getting run over, just another Tuesday in the life of Ryan Gosling. Not only is he confident and romantic, but now he is a hero. No matter how independent a woman is, there is something very sexy about a man who can take of her no matter what happens.

The best way to get your man to be your own personal superhero is not to go jumping out infront of speeding cars or instigating bar fights. It could be something as simple as allowing him to pull your chair out, hold your hand and guide you through a crowd or to jump in and defend you whenever duty calls. For a man to have your back completely, you have got to let him. Sure, you will not always need saving or a hero, but it is nice to know he is always there when you need him. 5 Little Ways To Get Him To Commit

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