5 Tips To Survive Football Season As A Couple


5 Tips To Survive Football Season As A Couple [EXPERT]
... because doing things like hiding the remote and "accidentally" breaking the DVR always backfire.

4. Get into the spirit. While men love lingerie, the site of the woman they love wearing their favorite football team's jersey will definitely turn him on.

He won't be ignoring you now. Sit on the couch and cheer along with him or yell profanities. Ask questions about the game and look at it as an opportunity to experience something your guy loves.


Showing effort tells him you are able to take one for the team. He will be sure to reciprocate later when you are in charge of the schedule. You might get bonus points if you make delicious treats and keep his beer glass full. The 5 Most Common Dating Epiphanies

5. Talk to him. If you genuinely feel invisible this time of year, sit down with your guy and be honest. Chances are, he has no idea how upset you are.

Most men just get so excited and over-stimulated with all the action. He might just need a reality check. He will be more likely to miss a not so important game and take you out for dinner, if you open up and let him know how much it would mean to you.

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