What If There Was Nothing Wrong With You?


What If There Was Nothing Wrong With You?
How different would your life be with global self acceptance?

Nothing to fix, nothing to improve, nothing to analyse and nothing to change.

What if all that was really required of us was a kind of letting go — an unlearning from all our conditioning, points of view, conclusions and judgements? What if self-acceptance and forgiveness was the most radical kind of therapy anyone could do? What if letting go was not just an idea, but a way of being in the world?


How might your life be different if you connected to your true nature? What if you accepted it, made space for it, welcomed it and celebrated all that you are?

What if all the things you deemed as weaknesses about yourself were really your greatest strengths? What if you stopped evaluating yourself and others altogether and offered instead the gift of unconditional love?

I invite you to drink in the beauty of the fall, the leaves, the colors, the smells, the cool air and the sunshine. We are all part of nature and none are any less beautiful.

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