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If you're reading this, most likely you want to be married. It may be a dream you've had since childhood or an idea you've come to after years of being single. Whatever your situation, I bet that somewhere in the depths of your mind you have a nagging, desperate feeling that it s never going to happen.

You're not alone! I was a single woman for 53 years, and I can assure you, if you really choose to be married, you can be. And not just to any man, but to the perfect man for you.

I feel for you. I understand what you are going through, I'm an expert on the pitfalls of being needy and desperate. I've made every mistake a woman can make with a man.

My expertise is to help you overcome the inner blocks you have to finding your perfect marriage partner. I help you with powerful and practical tools that will transform your love life and open the way to the marriage of your dreams.

I specialize in helping single women transform their relationships with men so they can have the marriage they’ve always wanted.

I've coached hundreds of woman by helping them to uncover their blocks to love and marriage. My direct approach and natural intuition allows me to give you just what you need to create powerful breakthroughs your romantic relationships.

I met my husband in my mid 40’s, and I've now been blissfully married to him for over 12 years. My years of struggle and desperation as a single woman have given me a unique insight into what it takes to find your true love and to create the marriage of your dreams. 

To find out what might be holding love away from you, let me offer you one of my complimentary "Attract the Love of Your Life Breakthrough Sessions." These are limited to only a few per month so I suggest you do it now. 

My specialty is working with single women who are looking for their Mr. Right as well as with women who are having trouble in their relationships.

I want to give you hope and to tell you not to give up. Believe me, if I can do it, so can you!

Find more relationship advice here.

The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

When I finally got married after being single so long, women came up to me to ask what I did to make it happen.

I realized then how much I had learned about dating and relationships. I wanted to help, so to answer their questions I wrote my book, "It's Never Too Late To Marry: How to Have the Man and the Marriage of Your Dreams." In it I share the experiences and lessons I learned and the 6 steps they can take to bring in their perfect partner.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than helping women go from lonely to loved by finding the man they've been searching for all their lives.


Success Stories

Finally Engaged To The Man Of My Dreams!

When I first called Virginia, I was in a bad place in my love life: I was confused and had a lot of fears.  I did not know why I was unhappy in my relationship. I did not understand men and myself.  I always wanted to go to Paris, it was my dream but my man would say no and he had no interest in that.

When I started working with Virginia, I started to change step by step. I stopped nagging, I did not worry as much and I wasn’t needy anymore. It was a fun experiment of looking at my relationship from a different perspective.  I realized that I was in a co-dependent relationship that was not making me happy.  It was not easy to break out of 4 year engagement but I did it with Virginia’s help. If it weren’t for her, I don’t know where I would be today.  I could still be broken hearted and unhappy.

Virginia did not change me but helped me to find and to bring back the best in me that was somehow lost in a bad relationship: fun, outgoing, smart, loving and adventurous woman I always was. I wasn’t afraid anymore, and I knew who I was and what I was looking for in a man.  And most of all, I knew that if I never met my true love, I would not be afraid of being alone. I learnt to love and appreciate myself fist rather than be in a bad relationship.

Today I’m happily engaged to the man of my dreams: tall, dark and handsome. He possesses all of my non-negotiable qualities that my partner should have and much more: he is kind, caring, romantic, sexy, successful, generous, adventurous, considerate, loyal, honest, and the list could go on.  He loves my son like his own child. He proposed to me on the top of Eifel Tower in my favorite city in the world – my dream came true! ~ E. W.,  MN

Dating Again And Feeling Good

In the short time I've been working with Virginia via phone, I have all ready started seeing some dramatic shifts in my life. I am now actively dating and no longer sitting at home being miserable. In our sessions, I always feel heard by her and she keeps me accountable for my own growth by assigning me "homework." I would recommend Virginia's services, either in person or over the phone, to anyone looking for someone to help them make positive changes in her life.

~P. B. Orlando, FL

Saved Me Years Of Waiting

After my VIP day I was able to tell him what I more late nights, real dates with dinner and holiday time. I was very calm and confident, I didn't know I could do that! He told me, "I understand but I can't give you that right now." That totally changed how I felt about him and I could walk away feeling good about myself. You saved me years of waiting for things to change. What a big lesson for me. Thank you!

~ Harriet C. Detroit

Finding My Perfect Partner

Overcoming a Broken Heart

“Unresolved feelings from past relationships had kept me stuck and unable to move forward into a new and healthy relationship. After working with Virginia I have felt more resolved, peaceful, and confident, and as a result I have met and begun a relationship with someone wonderful and just right for me.”

~T.W. MFT, PHD, Los Angeles

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