Single? Get Sexy For Halloween!


Single? Get Sexy For Halloween! [EXPERT]
Halloween is the perfect opportunity to take a walk on the wild side.

If you're an outgoing extravert, your shadow self wants to dress modestly and primly. She's not looking to be the center of attention and prefers to observe and have people approach her rather than the opposite.

If you're not one of these two extremes and don't know who your shadow self would be, here's what to do. Think of someone in your life whose behavior you judge harshly. Someone who makes you say to yourself, "I would never act that way, I could never do that." Bingo, that's your shadow!

You won't get the benefit of dressing up if you're sitting at home alone. You need to go to out where they're celebrating Halloween. Even if you know no one there, give yourself permission to be adventurous let it all hang out. Halloween is the perfect storm where you can express and embrace the repressed part of yourself that you keep tightly under wraps.

Indulging in your shadow will allow you to be more in touch with your feelings. This will make you more likely to find a man who is equally authentic and more fully himself. 

You can go back to your everyday self in the morning, but tonight you're going to dress up as your shadow and prepare to have fun — and don't be surprised if you have a fabulous time!

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Virginia Clark

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