Why does our happiness always seem to be one more decision away?


And the one decision that we could make, to listen to the Spirit rather than the ego, that can deliver us true happiness, a happiness that comes from within rather than from some perceived circumstance or event, is consistently overlooked.

So it's not that our happiness is always one more decision away, it is that we are simply making the illusory decisions between illusions rather that making the one decision to be happy. That's right, being happy is simply a decision, but it isn't the kind we believe we are making between two opposing things, it is the kind we make by allowing the happiness that has always been ours to simply be - by not resisting.


When we choose to allow our happiness to be projected into the world of form, we aren't choosing not to be "unhappy". The choice is not between being happy and being unhappy; unhappiness is simply the natural result of resisting anything, including the happiness that is our normal state. This formula works in every aspect of our lives whether we recognize it or not, and often times it is in not recognizing it that keeps us from being able to allow it to be.

That is why I ask if you want to be happy or if you want to be right? That you can't be both. It is the ego that needs to be right, and needs to proclaim it to the whole illusory world of form, because that is its domain. The Spirit on the other hand has no ideas about right or wrong as the Spirit does not subscribe to the state of duality. The Spirit knows only Unity - Perfect Oneness.

The Spirit never pretends to make decisions, it simply presents in a gentle sense of knowing, and knowing and choice do not coexist. It is our ego identity that pretends to make decisions and choices, and pretends to be in control, and more often than not prevents us from feeling the Spirit acting through us. We can, however, develop an inner sense of touch (so to speak) that will reacquaint us with the recognition of that Spiritual thread that connects us with our Authentic Identity.

We can learn to quiet the ego identity and to tune into the softer more subtle sense of knowing flowing through our seeming form that is the Spiritual presence within these points of operation we call bodies. We can have that life experience of Peace and Joy and Happiness, not through sacrifice or acquisition, but through opening up and allowing it to flow through us without resistance.

Perfect Health and Clarity of Mind,

-- Victor

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