The American Bedroom Disaster


The American Bedroom Disaster
Male sexuality has been incorrectly focused on the shortsighted goal of ejaculation for too long.

Yes, some men recoil in horror when they first hear about non-ejaculatory sex. After all, it thoroughly goes against their conditioning since the ordinary man still believes that arousal demands release. The prevailing fear is that by not climaxing they would be sacrificing sexual pleasure for some abstract health or spiritual benefit. These men have a hard time accepting the premise of dynamic sex without a climax. They may think, “Where’s the payoff?” Let me set the record straight. In no way does seminal retention involve pleasure deprivation. On the contrary, withholding ejaculation heightens and amplifies pleasure beyond anything that the chronically ejaculating male gets to experience in sex.

Now is the time for the men on this planet to begin to see their sexual behavior in a vastly different light. With a slight shift in consciousness, any man with the proper training can begin the process of sexual awakening --- the roadmap to greater self-esteem, rejuvenation, healing and enduring sexual relationships.

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