What Does The Future Hold for Rihanna & Chris Brown?


rihanna chris brown
Chris Brown & Rihanna have a past of domestic violence...but will their future be any better?

The most positive outcome in any domestic violence situation is that all the parties involved benefit fully from the various therapies and treatments available, such as domestic violence awareness, anger management, assertion skills, communication techniques and healthy relationship trainings. The Dark Side Of Love: Shedding Light On Domestic Violence

Without a huge commitment to positive change, the prognosis for recovery from violence is dismal. One must devote their energies and intentions to removing all justifications and excuses while learning non-violent coping strategies.

Have Chris Brown and Rihanna made this arduous journey of self-discovery and emotional growth? I would not put money on that bet. Why Rihanna & Other Celebrities Love 'Bad Men'

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