On Election Day Will You Vote For Love And Freedom?


Our elected officials have the opportunity to lead us into the ways and power of love. Will they?

As you go to the polls this coming election day, think about the ways love is important to your life.

Do you want commercialism to continue to be the glue that binds our country together? Or, do you want a change of higher rhythm where love and collaboration are the foundation upon which the US is built?

Do you choose fierce individualism and separateness to govern us? Or, do you choose freedom for us to be authentically who we are, and understanding of how our differences are intended to help us cooperate and coordinate as we adapt to life's evolutionary challenges?

Think about it.

None of us is perfect in this endeavor. But balancing the two poles into a blended harmony seems to be a growing imperative for a world that is now only a click away its furthest point of being.




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