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Scent of A Woman

Scent of A Woman

I love when a man says. You smell good. I'm one of those girls that loves to mix lotions and potions so I don't smell like everyone else. It's a great way to stand out & make a lasting impression. I'm sure you've heard artistic expression reigns & if you want to capture his attention start by finding your signature scent. A soft mild scent is inviting. One thing about fragrance, if you overdue it you can turn your date off (not cute). Aromatherapy Oils are great because they can bring a wide range of benefits-from uplifting you emotionally or healing you physically. Aromatherapy is the holistic treatment of caring for the body with pleasant smelling botanical oils. It is the art and science of utilizing the natural extracts of aromatic essences from plants in order to balance and promote the health of the body, mind and spirit. Aromatherapy essential oils are used for massage, cosmetics, candles, bathing, oil lamps, etc. Many health practitioners consider essential oils as the best way to look and feel your best & reduce stress. So the next time you're going out a date why not use Aromatherapy Oils. There are many so I took the liberty and picked out the 5 that I felt were worthy of tagging along with you on your date. 1. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Lemon is uplifting, relaxing. and has a sweet but very captivating scent. Great for a first date! 2. If you want to exude raw sex appeal & be at ease on your date. Ylang Ylang is used for relaxation. It also reduces muscle tension and can be used as an antidepressant. Should I say mood enhancer. 3. PMS is not allowed on dates.Geranium is good for relaxation and it is also uplifting. It balances hormones in women. It is also good for balancing the skin and as an antidepressant. 4. You've had a hard day at work, not a good idea to bring that energy to your date. Rosemary is a calming aroma and can be used to ease aches and pains, relieve symptoms of colds and flues and jump-start your circulatory system for a more alert and relaxed you. If you're feeling like you're coming down with something but you still wish to go out this is it. 5. Onnly if you like him A LOT. Patchouli has a very intoxicating aroma with an array of benefits including being used to enhance memory and concentration as it helps in stimulating as well as relaxing your brain. Now imagine the next time he leans in, he says you smell great! Why not ignite all of his senses.


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