Hot, Sexy & Successful!


Hot, Sexy & Successful!

8. Heart of Gold- Open your heart & let everyone in. Love should never discriminate. Also remember to practice self-love. To be loved and accepted, you must start by loving yourself. Whatever you don’t like about yourself find a way to love it anyway. There’s nothing sexier than a woman that fully embodies self-love.

9. Spice Up Your Spiritual Side- Spirituality is not about what you're doing; it's about who you’re being. If you want more beauty, more love, more abundance & more sex (yes I said sex). I highly suggest you turn to God. Set aside time to be with the divine. Find a place of worship, pray & meditate to keep you aligned with God. He is our abundant source.


10. Take It Off-Freeing your mind allows you to make room for more beauty & abundance in your life. Let go of the past. Stop carrying your problems in your purse. Release anger & resentment regularly after allowing yourself to feel these emotions fully. If you want to throw a hissy fit-fine but move on fast. Also you must be willing to let go of negative people, dream stealer's & energy vampires. Saying good-bye to that which is no longer enriching your life is essential.

11. School Girl- It’s time to change from the inside/out. Be open to new experiences, new looks & new ideas. Creativity is your birthright. Make it a habit to keep expanding your awareness and learning new things. If you are not growing you are not living. Women that are sexy have a knack for changing things up. They are not afraid to evolve which makes them drop-dead desirable.


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