Hot, Sexy & Successful!


Hot, Sexy & Successful!

Would you like to exude raw sex appeal? What does sex have to do with success? Your sexuality is part of your creativity, it's the foundation for all those juicy ideas that catapult you inside/outside bedroom.

Do you know how you look on the outside is a reflection about how you feel inside. The better you look, the better you feel, the more success you will attract. It's time to embrace your sexuality & bring back the passion in your life.


Here are 11 steamy tips to ignite your world inside/out!


1. The Dirty Truth- Stop worrying about what other people think & just be you. The more mistakes you learn from the more you grow. Repeat after me. I am perfectly, imperfect! Sitting pretty and trying to be perfect won’t get you very far. Be the best you, amidst the mess & whatever is dirty in your life. Clean it up!

2. Single, Hot, Female- You can have it all but you can’t be all to everyone. Take time to be by yourself. Be still to recharge, find peace & bring more of your inner beauty to the surface. Self-care is so important. When you take time for yourself it’s a reflection of your self-worth. Beauty is not just vanity, it’s valuing yourself.

3. Tie Yourself Up- Do you see your value? Do you feel like you are a gift? Life is supposed to bring perpetual happiness. Enjoy yourself; surround yourself with others that see the beauty within you. The better you treat yourself, the better you will find life treating you. When you show up at your best you make the world a better place.

4. Faking It Is Not Allowed- Stop pretending to be something you are not. Being sexy means telling the truth & being honest with others when it comes to things that aren’t aligning with your core values. In order to discover your true-worth and break the cycle of self-sacrifice, follow your heart. Live on purpose & with immense passion.

5. Laugh Out Loud- Do you know laughing makes it easier for you to cope with different challenges in life. It improves and strengthens your immune system and helps prevent a number of diseases. Play, have fun, go to a comedy show or watch a funny movie. Make time to laugh out loud.

6. Letting off Steam- Hot headed is not a trait that will make the men come running. Remain calm, cool & collective no matter what. In the event you slip up and throw a temper tantrum take a deep breath, regain your composure & set a positive intention to realign your energy. Giving good vibrations will always make you magnetic!

7. Give It Up Now- What have you done for other’s lately? Giving is one of the most beautiful gestures! Whenever I feel like my life is not moving smoothly. I immediately look around & see if I’m being selfish & blocking my gifts due to lack of sowing first; reaping comes second. It’s great to receive but like my mentor Bobi said so eloquently “Live To Give”. Get to moving & give. It’s the quickest way to attract abundance into your life. Being of service is tres chic & very sexy.

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