Be The Apple Of His Eye


Be The Apple Of His Eye

What are you wearing this season? In the fall, our minds turn to fashion & lately it seems you can’t open a fashion magazine without seeing color coded ensembles. I wish to have a life well fashioned and I’m starting by coloring my diet. How about you?

Making your feast fashionable will keep you styled from the inside/out. Just as you make certain you have the right color accessory for each outfit, so too can you choose colors for the foods in your diet.


Revamp your food list and get the nourishment you need in your diet by consulting with the most coveted Diva of all--Mother Nature. Eating a vibrant rainbow of different-colored fruits is nature’s own guide to finding the antioxidants in the Phytonutrients we need. What's a Phytonutrient and Why Should I Care?

The compounds in fruits that give them their color are called Phytonutrients. Ever wonder how plants stay so healthy? They don't wear sunscreen or a raincoat and they don't see the doctor. But they do make their own disease-fighting chemicals called phytochemicals. I like to call them phytos for short. The same phytos that help keep the plant healthy also keep our bodies healthy. Phytos provide natural medicine for cell health. They help cells repair themselves by stimulating the release of protective enzymes or enzymes that rebuild damaged cells. Other phytos inhibit cancer-producing substances, reducing their ability to damage cells. When the repair squad can stay ahead of the damage, degenerative diseases can't get started. So I ask you to ponder applying more color, and lots of it--but not on your face or just in your wardrobe. Fruit--It Does a Body Good A diet high in Phytonutrients has been shown to help protect against some of the more common health problems people experience. Americans are overfed--yet undernourished.


According to Dr. Mark Stengler, a naturopathic doctor, “Americans have shorter life expectancy than people in 41 other countries- even though Americans spend more on health care, on average, than people anywhere else.” There are hundreds of Phytonutrients but only a handful have been able to grace the cat walk and find a starring role in our diet knowledge. Here are the ones that are in. Lycopene found in cherries, has hit the headlines for its highly touted antioxidant properties. New to the limelight is Resveratrol, found in the skin of red grapes. It has gained recognition for its antioxidant and heart-healthy properties. Veteran Beta-carotene, a member of the carotenoid family of Phytonutrients, is recognized for its antioxidant properties.


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