Are ghetto girls a turn on?


Are ghetto girls a turn on?
If you were to call me ghetto. I'd say thanks for the compliment!

It means that you take care of yourself now. You pay attention to your personal style with your existing wardrobe. You're not saying I'd dress better if I had more clothes or if I could wear this designer. You rock what's in your closet today. You surround yourself with those that inspire you and find time to hang out with fabulous friends & family.

You might be adventurous and love to travel. Your doing it! You’re not afraid to treat yourself and indulge in life’s simple pleasures. You are definitely not waiting for Mr. Right to make your life “Right”. I think it’s important to have a life of your own that’s fierce & fabulous without a guy. You don't have to be Ms. Perfect to have it all!


Ladies it's time to stop making excuses why you're not presenting your best self. If you want the best in others, present your best?

Essentially, work with what you’ve got & make the most of it until you can do better or it gets better. The more you do, the better you get but if you’re not taking the necessary steps you’re not giving yourself the chance of getting better & being extraordinary. 2 words that I'd like you to incorporate in your daily vocabulary Sexy & Successful!

What are you putting off today that’s preventing you from being “Ghetto Fabulous”? Your time is now to be a little ghetto…I think you will be a much happier woman and far more attractive to the opposite sex.


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