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After An Abortion: Emotional Roller Coaster

Some women are surprised after an abortion that they have waves of crying spells, depression and sadness. This can last several weeks, months or even years. It is normal to grieve after an abortion, but the strange combination of relief and sadness can be very confusing. Read More

D.O.A. ~ The Dead Marriage Syndrome

One of the most difficult marriage counseling cases is the one where one of the spouses is dead. Marriages where parties are fighting are still engaging, there is still passion on some level. It is the spouse who is “dead on arrival” when it comes to relating in the marriage that brings a very ...

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Resolving An Abortion in Your Past ~ Tell Your Story

Women who have abortions do not feel like they should be allowed to grieve the loss of a child there is no evidence of. And after all, you shouldn’t be permitted to grieve over a loss that you have chosen to create. Putting the missing pieces together can be confusing and overwhelming. Grieving is a ...

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Boyfriends' Response to Abortion: "Stop Being Over-Emotional"

"It's over, it's done, now let's get on with our lives.  We won't ever talk about this again!"  Well, this was my boyfriends' response to my abortion.  Guess what we never did talk about it again.  I would catch myself crying at odd times.  He would roll ...

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My Husband Doesn't Understand My Abortion Pain

"I don't understand why we are feeling so disconnected after an abortion.  I thought this would be the best plan for our future, but now I am wondering..." Couples are often surprised that their abortion did not bring them the closure they were expecting.  This is because there is a ...

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roller coaster

After An Abortion: Emotional Roller Coaster

After an abortion, it's normal to be relieved and sad, all at the same time.

Moon Clouds

D.O.A. ~ The Dead Marriage Syndrome

I checked the obituary page and was surprised to find the death of my marriage there. Help!


Resolving An Abortion in Your Past ~ Tell Your Story

One of the biggest reasons women suffer after abortion is because of the unwritten rule: don't talk.


Boyfriends' Response to Abortion: "Stop Being Over-Emotional"

Boyfriends/husbands often don't understand why their partners don't show more relief afterwards.

My Husband Doesn't Understand My Abortion Pain

Couples who choose abortion can be surpised when afterwards their marriage takes a hit. What's that?

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