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Why People Get Married

Society in general has given us the myth that the number one reason people get married is to have sex.  Granted that is part of the equation, but it actually isn't the number one motivating factor. The number one reason people get married...drum roll because they have fun together!  ...

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The ONE Thing Women Don't Talk About ~ Their Abortion

I just finished working with a grieving widow.  Her husband of 28 years died an untimely death from an unfortunate accident.  His was 52 years old.  As she went through her list of regrets, something came to mind that really surprised her.  Early on in her marriage, they had shared an ...

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Should I Tell My Family Members I've Had an Abortion?

Regardless of the person's rationalization for getting an abortion, the ripple-affect of the decision goes far beyond just one or two people making a "choice." While permanent decisions should never be made during a time of emotional vulnerability, this is what happens when a woman alone, or a ...

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New Eyes to See your Spouse ~ What is Their Emotional Age?

Reasearch shows that most people's heart shut down to give and receive love by the time they are five years old.  Most addictions start by the age of four!  This is all fascinating research and helps us better understand why couples relate the way they do.  Whenever spouses go into "the ...

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Abortions and Grandmothers ~ An Odd Lament

The grief of abortion can travel through generations. One of the saddest cases I can recall in my counseling career, was an aborted baby’s grandmother. Her name was Dottie. She was such a sweet lady. I know she would have been a “picture book” grandmother had she been given the ...

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Articles by Trudy Johnson

Why People Get Married

You might be surprised to find out the number one reason people get married. And no, it isn't sex.


The ONE Thing Women Don't Talk About ~ Their Abortion

Women don't talk about their abortions, to anyone. This is a secret that goes to the grave.


Should I Tell My Family Members I've Had an Abortion?

A nagging question for many of those who have chosen abortion, is when and how to tell family member

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New Eyes to See your Spouse ~ What is Their Emotional Age?

Looking at your spouse with "new eyes" will help you better understand why they do hurtful things.

Moon Clouds

Abortions and Grandmothers ~ An Odd Lament

Dottie found out about the abortion ten years after it happened while sifting through some papers.

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