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Writing down your goals and reading them daily will help turn them into reality!

I've finally figured "it" out! I absolutely love it when the calendar turns over into a new year. Some people dread this time, but not me! I actually carve out some time during the whole week to re-think my life. Then I set my goals for the year. I have a simple form that I use where I divide my life into these components: emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, relationships and work. 

You can make your own categories, but these are the priorities that I personally look at as important for me. I then right down a goal for each category. For instance, for emotional, I am determined to have healthy emotions and not let them bowl me over in times of crisis. So this year, I put my goal for emotions as: detail crisis times and pull out the truth of the situation. What did I feel, how did I react? What was the truth about what just happened when I got thrown under the bus emotionally? When it comes to the physical category, it's always about losing weight. I struggle with this, but somehow putting my goal down keeps me on track. 10 Tips for Meeting Your Match at the Gym

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Besides choosing the components of my priorities, I also put a column in for "Challenges"—why I wouldn't reach that goal—and "Positives"—what I have going in my favor. I use this opportunity to also put a scripture beside each goal. If you're so inclined to do this, I feel it really helps because I can then pray about each goal and feel a little more connected to Divine help in order to reach those goals.

A wise person once told me that goals are just wishes unless you write them down. For this reason, I take the fresh start of the year to write down my goals. I read over them every morning as a reminder. A quick 5 minutes is all it takes to remind me of my yearly goals. I start the day with them fresh in my mind.  Again, this is a system that has seen me through the accomplishment of many of my goals. It really works and I hope you try it, too! New Year, New Vision

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Trudy Johnson


Trudy M. Johnson, M.A., LMFT, CSPII

Helping women process grief after voluntary pregnancy termination without fear.

Bringing abortion after-care into the 21st century by educating professionals.

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Credentials: LMFT, MA, Non-Profit
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