Depression: A Natural Outcome Of Abortion Secrets

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Depression: A Natural Outcome Of Abortion Secrets
5 steps to keep disenfranchised grief from blocking your path to healing.

2. Admit you can't keep the secret anymore. As in any path to healing it is important that you be honest with yourself and give yourself permission to re-visit your abortion choice no matter how long you’ve had it stashed away. Consider the truth that keeping the secret is requiring much more energy than you have available to give to it anymore.

3. Give yourself a break. Many times if we can't find others to condemn and punish us, we will take over the job ourselves! Understand that abortion can involve many losses even separate from the pregnancy. Give yourself permission to label the losses and feel the emotions of those losses.


4. Don't confuse the legal, political and religious debates with your own personal journey. If you listen to all the rhetoric from both sides you will become paralyzed with fear and confusion. Know that walking out of the darkness and into the light of healing will free up space in your mind and heart to put towards positive outcomes in your life.

5. Be encouraged! Process the grief surrounding your abortion and your state of depression will at least lighten, at best disappear.

Abortion Talk Still Taboo?

Abortion is undoubtedly a hard choice to make in any woman's life, but that doesn't mean you can't come away from the grief a more positive, stronger you.

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