Abortion After-Care: Why Not?


Abortion After-Care: Why Not?
When the word “abortion” appears in news stories, millions of women secretly cringe.

Avoidance never heals, it only makes the hole bigger.  Abortion after-care in the 21st century is an idea whose time has come.  Your deep dark secret wants to be taken out, looked at and processed.  What’s hidden needs to be revealed.  We would do our women in the nation such a wonderful service if it were culturally acceptable for them to face their grief after abortion without fear of invalidation or condemnation.

Trudy M. Johnson, MA, LMFT, CSPII is the author of “Choice Processing and Resolution~ Facing Grief After Abortion Without Fear.”  She presented on the topic of Helping Clients Face Abortion Without Fear at the American Counseling Association National Conference in 2012.  She is the author of the first resource to help professional therapists understand the issue of grief after abortion.  This e-book, Choice Processing and Resolution Therapy is a tool professionals can use to walk their clients through the grief in a completely confidential setting.

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Trudy Johnson


Trudy M. Johnson, M.A., LMFT, CSPII

Helping women process grief after voluntary pregnancy termination without fear.

Bringing abortion after-care into the 21st century by educating professionals.


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