Why Do Men Do THAT? Answers To Your Top 10 Questions


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8. He doesn't know what to do/say when you are upset.
There they are—your guts all over the floor. As you reach for a tissue to wipe away your runny mascara and some words of comfort or advice from your man, you receive a blank stare in return. Did he hear a word of what you just said? It isn't that he wasn't listening, doesn't have anything to say or doesn't care, he is likely afraid of saying the wrong thing and you, as a result, getting upset with him. Most guys aren't as confident in expressing feelings or offering advice as women are but rather solve problems logically. The last thing he wants to do when you are vulnerable is disappoint you by offering the wrong words.

9. He acts as if he likes you so so much, but he never actually asks you out.
All signals point to him liking you—he pays you compliments, makes an effort to be where you are, all your friends swear he is into you but he seems to be stuck at a yellow light when it comes to making his move. If you've ruled out him being married or otherwise committed to someone else, chances are this guy is just a wuss.  He simply can't get up the nerve to ask you out. He might be inexperienced with women, shy, intimidated by you, or misinformed as to your single status.

10. He falls asleep after sex.
So you want to snuggle, talk, go for round two—do anything but pass out, but your guy always falls asleep! Well simply, when man was made, he was made flawed in this respect. Due to a variety of biochemical and evolutionary reasons—both direct and indirect—a guy actually can't control his level of sleepiness post-sex, so it is nothing to take personally. Just be happy he doesn't fall asleep during sex—in a recent study 48 percent of men admitted that they had at least once before!

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