Wanted: Dating Stamina


Wanted: Dating Stamina

I remember when I was about 6 years old, I was at the beach with my mom. I innocently frolicked into the ocean and within minutes I was attacked by an army of jellyfish. All 3 feet of me was stung, from head-to-toe. I ran out of the water screaming my heart out in terror and after the lifeguards treated my stings, I swore I’d never go back in again. To me, the ocean and everything in it, was evil. Thirty minutes later my mom dragged me back in that angry ocean, kicking and screaming, to face my fears. To this day, I'll dive into any ocean, jellyfish infested or not (thanks mom!) with an enormous smile on my face. When it comes to love, it doesn’t matter how often or how badly you get stung, you have to get back in the sea, jellyfish and all, and swim again, because what you can catch, love, is too great not to take the risk. That is, if you want it, more than theoretically speaking.


I get it. Keeping up your dating stamina isn’t easy. It is easy to get stuck in the “I’m just unlucky in the love department” or “All the good guys are taken or gay” or “I just need to concentrate on me right now” or "It just hurts too bad" zone, but getting deflated by a string of unfulfilling dates or relationships, simply doesn’t get you any closer to a good one. Therefore, to maintain your dating endurance, to get you swimming again and again, keep these inarguable points in mind:

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