Subconscious Sexiness


Subconscious Sexiness


First, study the women who you find to be mercilessly sexy, be it a fictional character, celeb on a red carpet, strangers at a bar, or your besties that always seem to bring all the boys to the yard… use them as a playbook to develop your own brand of moves. Remember, we are talking moves here, not clothing, makeup or words… just body behavior. True sexy is all about subtlety so pay attention to small movements. Using my morning experience as a case study, three tiny alterations made my “move” opening the door at Starbucks sexy: 1) Upon reaching the door, I paused for a nanosecond to turn and get in the position to open it. Whereas most people depart in one swift move, this pause drew attention to me. 2) Rising on my toes elongated my entire body which always makes a woman look sexier. Had I been wearing something calf baring, the effect would have been double. 3) Bumping the door open with my hip had a far greater impact than if I had chosen say my forearm as it attracted any viewer to a more erotic part of my body. So, do you see how this works? When you are out in the field making your own observations, pay attention to how sexy women use the power of their body and the timing also with which they move it. Think simple, think effortless, think natural alternatives. For example, think about how sliding a phone in your back pocket instead of tossing it in your purse can be sexy.

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