Opt In... To Inspiration


Opt In... To Inspiration

Instead of feeling hopeless at the site of hearts, hand-holding, lollipops in the shape of lips or whatever symbols feel like they are out to get you, use them to get hopeful. Consider all of these signs, signs that love is on its way for you. Because… when you believe in love, you become more loveable.

And here’s another thought. When you are in the presence of an adoring couple, stranger or otherwise, consider extracting pearls of love wisdom from them. Not only will you get an injection of faith, when you step back into coupledom yourself, you will be a little bit more enlightened. According to Amy Spencer, author of the bookMeeting Your Half Orange, “It’s easy to lose track of what the heck you want. Look at other relationships you admire and pick the things you admire about them from the substantial to the seemingly inconsequential.” I couldn’t agree more – real live couples (not the ones on the big screen and definitely not the ones on reality TV) can help you create your own relationship blueprint.

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