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Well the fact is, only one of the three treat shops is new. The Girl Scouts are just doing what they do like the good little scouts that they are. And I really don’t think that there is an advertising devil in my TV taunting me with ads that wouldn’t otherwise be there if I wasn’t on sugar remission. It only feels that way. No different than if you have an “Oh shit, I’m late, I must be pregnant” scare and every which way you turn you see a mom pushing a stroller or an ad for Pampers… also no different than when you are…

Suddenly or frustratingly single. There you are, trying to forget about the world of couples and all around you it is IN YOUR FACE! PDA-obsessed couples making out on park benches, boys and girls hands-intertwined everywhere making it impossible for you to pass by, ads for heartfelt romance movies, mushy greeting cards and so on and so on. WTF?!

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