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For the Love of Dating

For the Love of Dating

 In honor of Earth Day, and with Spring officially having sprung, it is the time of year where daters ought to be thinking about sprinkling their dating seeds. Many of you have been emailing me about recent breakups (tis the season, if you’ve been paying attention to the entertainment news wire) or lousy winter season’s of dating. But with summer around the corner and your man closet’s recently have been spring cleaned, you are left with lots of fabulous dating opportunities. After all, summer is the season when the hotties reveal their toned and tanned abs, the days stretch long into the nights and your natural tan glow makes you feel better than ever, right? All that said, if you’re feeling a little dusty in the dating attitude department, you won’t be successful no matter how hot you are feeling in your new bikini, so check out my 10 favorite things about dating to kickstart your enthusiasm engine into high gear to remind yourself what there is to love about dating!

10. Gives you a good reason to shop. Nothing says confidence like a new outfit or ten. And if you can’t figure out with your slick accountant how to write off your new cute date tops, dresses, sandals and more as a necessary investment in your future, try leaning on sympathetic mom or dad for few new wears - they will understand the justification for your new wardrobe when you are single, but try doing it when you are married and you will get a giant eye roll.

9. Free stuff. Let’s face it – even in an age of equality where women should at least do the “reach” and are expected to pay some of the time, when it comes dating financials, the scales tip in our favor. We get treated to plenty of meals, drinks, cab rides, flowers and so on and so on… far more than you’d get from your pizza delivery guy if you stayed home.