How to Decrease Your Sexual Inhibitions


How to Decrease Your Sexual Inhibitions

3.     Practice your moves.
Remember when you made out with your pillow before your first kiss, just for practice? Ok maybe that was just us, but it is a good idea – not because it guarantees you will ace your moves when you get in the game, but because it will give you more confidence when you get up to bat.



4.     Think about sex. At least twice a day, consciously think about sex. Imagine what you would do to your partner if he was around at that very moment, say, in your meeting. Send him a naughty text message. Go browsing for sexy lingerie online. Use this exercise to keep sex on your brain as a form of personal foreplay.


5.     Visualize fantasies. According to sex guru and host of radio show Sex with Emily, Emily Morse, says reading sexy novels, daring to watch pornography – all prepare your mind and body for sex. She says, “The brain is a woman’s largest sex organ and using it to visualize and practice how you want it to all go down when it’s going down will certainly boost confidence.”


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