How to Decrease Your Sexual Inhibitions


How to Decrease Your Sexual Inhibitions

Why have good sex when you can have GRAT sex? Great sex is all about being completely free – free to explore, free to experiment, free to let go in complete ecstasy. To do so, you’ve get to get confident! To learn how to increase your confidence and unleash the sexual goddess buried within you into your bedroom, car, neighborhood park, etc, following these tips to let loose:



1.     Learn to love your booty and all the rest of you too.
Spend time getting to know your curves. Try standing in front of a full length mirror and just see yourself. Admire what your man sees when he lustfully looks at you. Focus on what you do like, not what you don’t. He doesn’t care if you have cellulite on your thighs or you are a month overdo on a wax, so neither should you. If you expend your energy concentrating on your “flaws” you won’t be focused on the good stuff. Fall in love with yourself so you can flaunt your beautiful body with confidence.


2.     It’s all in the lighting.
We all look better in dim lighting so prepare your environment accordingly. Light some candles, throw a scarf over a bedside lamp, take advantage of the moonlight. Soft lighting will lowlight the parts of you that you don’t love, leaving you to focus on flaunting the parts that you do.


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