Five Minutes to a Better Marriage


Five Minutes to a Better Marriage

7.     Pop the champagne. Sure you are there for each other when times are hard, but what about when good things happen? It is equally important to celebrate the successes of each other and your marriage. Always have a bottle of champagne in the fridge waiting to be uncorked and don’t be shy to celebrate even the smallest occasions. You are supposed to be each other’s biggest fans so don’t forget to congratulate each other regularly on being awesome!



8.     Morning cuddle time. The very best way to start your day is with a morning cuddle session. Set your alarm five minutes early and bring in the day together. Either in silence, simply snuggling as you watch the sun come up or chatting about what you love about your life together. No matter what, daily logistics (kids schedules, meetings stresses, etc) should be off limits.


9.     He’s on your mind, so let him know! Chances are you think about your husband all throughout the day and believe it or not, no matter how macho he is, he actually wants to know about it. Men love little random acts of kindness that let him know you are thinking of him. Sending surprise text messages (naughty or not), picking him up a shirt he’d look good in or a favorite food at the grocery store, popping a love note in his suitcase before a business trip, all show him you care.


10.  Love your own life. The happier you are with yourself, the happier you will be in your marriage. Be sure to maintain a life that is rich and fulfilling so daily you feel enriched from within. Positivity flowing within you will project outward, inherently strengthening your marriage.



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