Five Minutes to a Better Marriage


Five Minutes to a Better Marriage

3.     When the going gets tough, re-read your vows. Marriage is filled with ups and downs and when the downs seem to outweigh the ups, the sparkle in your ring starts to fade and you begin to forget why you said “I do” in the first place, that is the time to pull out your vows and re-read them to each other. In moments you will be transported to the day that you committed yourselves to one another, remembering why, which will give you the booster shot you need to get over your current hump.



4.     Out with “I”, in with “We”, “Us” and “Our”.  Reprogramming yourself to stop using the word “I” and start using united words will have a profoundly positive impact on your marriage. In fact a study of 154 couples showed that this simple transformation had remarkable impact whereby couples behaved more positively towards one another and showed less psychological stress. Don’t worry – this doesn’t mean you lose your individuality. It just means that you will be operating in team terms - recognizing that you have a healthy dependency and support each other. Using these words will help you achieve the art of togetherness.


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