Crash Course: How to Meet Men at the Beach


Crash Course: How to Meet Men at the Beach

Skip the girly ones like hummus and veggies and think boy bait like chips and salsa and homemade chocolate chip cookies. An afternoon nibble and if your beach allows for beer, a cold one, will certainly score points with neighboring

9) Skip the tabloids. Interested guys are looking for a way in. Since he can’t comfortably comment on your outfit (since you’ll be barely be wearing one) or something he overheard you say like he could at for example, a bar, consider bring enlightening reading material or an activity that showcases something interesting about you and therefore gives him a conversation opportunity.


10) Ask for help. The beach is the perfect place to test a guy’s chivalrous potential. Whether you need help reaching that hard-to-get spot with sunscreen or can’t get your umbrella to stay in place, inviting a strong-armed cutie to rescue you is a great way to kick-start a connection.

11) Join beach teams (volleyball, running) or take beach classes (surfing, yoga). The easiest way to meet guys surfside is to sign up for a class or team. Often the guy to girl ratio works in your favor and this dynamic guarantees that you are instantly introduced to a flock of men that you will have the chance to get to know over the course of a few months.

12) On vacation? Cheesy works. The rules don’t apply when you are on vacation. When man shopping at the beach, it is perfectly ok to do things you might never do back home such as send a guy a drink (especially if you are at an all-inclusive where they are free!). Lose your inhibitions and go for it – remember your chances of seeing these boys again are one in a zillion, so why not?!.

13) Think before you drink. Hot sun and alcohol are a bad mix. Be mindful of your liquor levels and be sure to stay hydrated throughout the day to avoid the ultimate humiliation – throwing up in front of a hot prospect.

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