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The Boys of Summer Challenge

padding-bottom: 0px; padding-left: 0px; background-position: initial initial; ">7) Who: Tall, Dark and in a Tux… A groomsmen or other wedding guest bachelor

Why: Flirting with single guys at a wedding makes going to them less agonizing (“Yes Aunt Mae, I’m stillsingle”). Plus if you can score a date out of your flirting attempts, it makes the investment of a new dress and the use of an entire Saturday all the more worth it.


8) Who: Boy Toy… A lifeguard, surf instructor - someone with a killer tan and abs to drool over

Why: For fling’s sake, this guy is all about pure physical attraction. After all, summer is about eye candy so why not get a piece of your own to nibble on and show off for a bit?


9) Who: The ‘Glow’betrotter… An international (accent preferred) traveler passing through town

Why: For 


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