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The Boys of Summer Challenge

adventurer. Opening yourself up to someone different will provide just the reinvigoration you need to catapult yourself back into a happy dating place.


5) Who: Addition to Your To-Do List… A guy you meet while running errands

Why: This is the guy that will give you confidence in the non-porn star version of yourself. He will have met you when you were looking like your regular self – jeans, t, converse, messy braid… and thought you were HOT! He will prove to you once and for all that guys don’t need three layers of makeup, a double-padded bra and a micro mini to think your smokin’.


6) Who: Holiday Hottie… A guy you meet on vacation

Why: If you are going to be single during the summer you might as well take advantage of it! And that means a sultry, don’t-write-home-about-it vacationship! Whatever happens in Vegas, Cancun, Maui, the South of France, you name it, it is sure to stay there, so use this date to let your inhibitions go far, far away!




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