Big-Screen Kissing Secrets Revealed!


By kissing in places other than the expected lips such as neck, cheeks, nose, forehead, shoulders (I’ll leave the rest up to you imagination), you will create an undeniable dose of anticipation in your kissee. He will be anxiously wondering if and when you will finally land your sweet kisser on his waiting and watering mouth, creating the ultimate in animal desire.

7) Share, don’t own the kiss. Kissing is a rhythmic dance that requires partnership not a lead. Sometimes you should “be in charge” sometimes he should be.


8) Avoid kissing monotony. The best kisses blend more intense, passion-filled aggressive moments with sweeter, slower, milder ones. Remember, kisses are a preview of other skills and if your kissing abilities are ho-hum, your kissee may not be so excited to explore what else is on your menu.

9) Think of some of the best kissing scenes of all time (see below) and use them for inspiration as you slip into your own kiss. They will transport you to that rain soaked setting and instantly make you feel more sensual and help you try things you may not have been so willing to before. Every girl has a little Scarlett (Gone with the Wind) or Bella (Twilight) in them waiting to be unleashed.

10) And finally, elongate the end of a kiss. Stay in the moment for a moment afterwards by either keeping your eyes closed for a second with a smile on your face or adding an extra peck at the end – both are indicators that you dig the kiss and you want more.

For additional inspiration and for up-close video tutorials, check out these steamy kisses from some of Hollywood’s all-time hottest on-screen couples:

Pretty Woman:

Wild Things:

Some Kind of Wonderful:

From Here to Eternity:


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