Beating the Wedding Bell Blues


Beating the Wedding Bell Blues

 Wedding season is right around the corner… you can smell it with the flowers in bloom, hear it with the chirping birds returning home, see it with the bridal bitches hitting the gym extra hard (I saw one wearing a veil-like sweatband in my spin class last week – true story) and of course nuzzled between your bills and promises to win a million dollars are weekly invites to what seem like everyone’s wedding, but yours. The constant in-your-face reminders that you are single with a capital S can turn the season that is supposed to be filled with sweetness and gorgeous hope into one with an unshakeable devil in a red wedding dress on your shoulder. One where you fixate on how much it sucks to be single, how you will never find love, how broke you are going buying gifts, how likely it is that you’ll be seated next to some creepy uncle and so on and so on. But we all know that one big secret to finding love, is to project love. So, to flick that bad-ass red devil off your shoulder, you need to invite its optimistic cousin, the white angel in, and follow her prescription as follows, to beat the bridal blues:

1. Stock up on date dresses that double as wedding appropriate dresses, as opposed to shopping for dresses that are meant for weddings. This way, you’ll be less resentful about spending gobs of cash on her day because you will really be making an investment in your dating future.


2. Bringing along a token plus one - your neighbor who has been pining after you for years, your ex, your gay BFF or your local barista, makes you look desperate. Alternatively, get head-to-toe gorgeous and go stag. Weddings can be a great place for a like/love connection!

3. Chances are you won’t be the only single girl at any wedding. Scout out the others, preferably at pre-events and band together as wingwomen, not in misery but in delight, deciding to make the most of this day of festivities.

4. Don’t believe the hype that Auntie Mae bestows upon you in her moment of pity citing, “Ya know dear, they only have a 50/50 chance of making it.” Deflect negative energy by hitting the dance floor with a cute bachelor. Cynicism is an ugly accessory and ruins even the most gorgeous of dresses.

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