According to Him: What Makes A Great Girlfriend?


11. IS A SLOW PACED REALIST. “Please ladies, don’t ask to have “the talk” about exclusivity after a month, or bring me to meet your parents on our 3rd date. I don’t want to talk about what it would be like to have kids with you just because you saw a cute kid on our 4th date. And buying me a gift to celebrate two months of dating is out of the question. Take it slow and let things unravel naturally.” – Kevin, Phoenix, 29

12. DOESN’T FLIRT WITH MY FRIENDS. “A good girlfriend, no matter what, will never ever NEVER flirt with my friends, no matter who much better looking they are than me.” – Keith, Miami, 24


13. TELLS ME WHAT IS WRONG WHEN I ASK. “I am done dating girls who make me guess what is wrong with them. When I ask, just tell me. Be assertive with what you want, what you need, what you think and how you feel. Otherwise, you come across as an emotional basketcase and that makes you a bad girlfriend.” – Pat, Portland, 28

14. DOESN’T TRY TO MAKE ME JEALOUS. “I’m not a jealous person and girls who try to make me jealous are not cool. Also, don’t perform secret little tests to see what I will do in certain situations – I know what you are up to and I will pass every time, but you will fail because it is annoying and shows that you are insecure in our relationship.” – David, Chicago, 32

15. DRESSES SEXY BUT NOT SLUTTY. “I like my girlfriends to maintain their look. That means being well groomed and making an effort to look nice. I like a sexy look that shows off her physique but not one that crosses over to looking trampy – a good girlfriend always projects class and saves the real good stuff just for her man.” – Craig, New York, 27

16. DOES LITTLE THINGS TO SHOW SHE CARES. “One of the best things a girlfriend can do to show she cares is to notice the little things that might help me out in my life and take care of them for me – like if I am working late, bring me dinner or if I’ve been complaining that my back is bothering me from a lot of business travel, book a massage for me at my next hotel. These are the things I do for my girlfriends and it is nice to have them reciprocated.” – John, Los Angeles, 36

17. IS CONFIDENT AND COMFORTABLE IN HER OWN SKIN. “You have to be yourself. A thousand percent yourself, all the time. A bad girlfriend morphs herself into what she thinks I want her to be instead of being confident enough in her own skin to just be herself. If we are meant to be a match, our natural selves will mesh, if not, we won’t. I am not going to change for a girl and a girl shouldn’t change for me either.” – Joe, Miami, 34

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