6 looks that NEVER look good!


The clingy girlfriend becomes suffocating less so out of love but more so out of insecurity and fear of abandonment.

Signs: initiating most of the calling/call incessantly, giving up your life when you get a boyfriend, fear of getting dumped, doing whatever he wants to do, being a “yes” woman


6. Clothing Optional (i.e. naked chic): This is the girl who literally leaves nothing to anyone’s imagination. Skirts and tops are barely there…. even when the temperature drops well below zero. Sure she gets head turns from every boy (and girl) in a bar, as well as the cabbie, the guy who sold her a pack of gum on the way, etc. but along with a lack of clothes, may also be a lack of self-love as she is relying on her best assets to be her ass, which shield her from having to reveal her inside self.

Signs: skimpy clothes all of the time, first to take off a layer of clothes, inappropriate dress for the weather, first to suggest strip poker as an evening activity

OK, so today is the day to take a good, long, honest look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Do I have any of these tendencies?” If you are wavering, ask a BFF who you know you can count on to be honest with you (you know the one, the one who actually will tell you that yes, you do look fat in those jeans). If you uncover that you lean a little desperate, drink a few too many regularly, can’t fathom going out in anything more than a mini skirt and a boob top or so on…

STOP and take note. Work to figure out the source of your behavior and unpack it so you can move forth, in a lighter way. Think about what you get from your actions. Behavior always gratifies us in some way, so do a bit of soul searching to reveal how your conduct comforts you and how you may be able to gain that same comfort in a healthier, more positive, and even more powerful way. Then you will be able to bury it for good!

I’m sure I’m missing plenty of other unattractive looks for ladies (in fact I’m definitely thinking there is a part 2 and maybe 3 here), so help us all out! Fill in the blanks -- in your opinion, what looks never look good on a lady?

Here’s to being the most fabulous, classiest version of YOU!

Live and love largely,

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