14 Worst Reasons To Get Married


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6) Marriage will fix what is broken in your relationship. 

There is a misconception that being married solidifies a broken relationship. It doesn't. It can actually emphasize what is wrong and dredge up more problems in the partnership. Before you go into a life-long commitment, it is essential to iron out your issues.
7) You want to check marriage off your list. 


You've nailed the fab career, got the great apartment, no one can mess with your killer style, you adore your friends, etc. So what's left other than adding a new last name? Unless you want to add divorce to your life list, be weary of marrying just to be done with it.
8) Your parents are pressuring you.

If you've got one of those parents who is a constant bug in your ear nagging you to hurry up and get married, you need to find a way to silence the noise. After all, you can be certain the voice will be even louder if you are miserably married or find yourself unraveling your marriage into divorce soon after you've spent their retirement stash on a big wedding.
9) Because he asked. 

It is hard to reject a big, sparkly rock, but just because a man asks for your hand in marriage, doesn’t mean you should give it to him. Remember, with your hand, comes your heart and all of the rest of you. He won’t be the only one to ask, trust me.
10) To have a fairytale wedding. 

If you've dreamed of your wedding day since you were three years old watching princess movies, keep dreaming until the guy at the end of the aisle is all that you imagined the prince to be. Just think, the more time that lapses, the more imaginative you can be, and the more cash you can put towards it! (If you are on the fence with this one, just ask yourself: would you marry your man at a courthouse with no wedding hoopla?)
11) You are having his baby. 

A bump in your belly doesn't require a marriage. Sure if you love your baby daddy and foresaw yourself marrying him prior to the knock up, by all means, but don't let your hormone increase get the best of you and make you feel as if you need to marry him because it is the "right thing to do". A child needs a loving, stable home and if you and your child's father can't provide that, there are better, more creative arrangements that can be made. That is the right thing to do.
12) You can't bear being single one more day. 

Another sign of settling is the idea that it would be better to get married to a willing party than fighting the good fight of dating. If this is you, you definitely need some reprogramming about love and dating. It is certainly better to be single and searching than settling and miserable—trust me, in a relationship like that, you will still be alone... alone and trapped.
13) You are crazy in love and have never been in one fight! 

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