3 Questions to Ask Before Entering the GLBT Workforce


3 Questions to Ask Before Entering the GLBT Workforce
GLBT Professionals have a lot of considerations in today's ever changing workforce.
  • What's the law?  There currently is no Federal law surrounding GLBT workplace discrimination protections.  However, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act or ENDA (including GLBT people) was first introduced to Congress in 1994 and has been reintroduced several times up to most recently in June 2012 (Source: HRC).  At the State level, currently only 16 states and D.C. have laws that prohibit employment discrimination based on GLBT status (Source: HRC).  Carefully consider these legal issues as part of your personal GLBT professional journey.  Some other questions to consider in the realm of legality are:

a) Does the company I'm interested in or working for include GLBT as a consideration in it's Non-Discrimination Policy? 

b) Does the company offer Domestic Partnership benefits?


c) Is there an opportunity to network with other GLBT professionals within the company via a social or HR policy group?



#3 - What do you value most in your professional life and your personal life? 
Maybe you are out in your personal life and feel more comfortable not sharing that side of yourself in the workplace. You are not alone - there are many GLBT professionals who feel this way.  Or you may feel compelled to come out in your professional life as well as your personal life.  Either way, it is important to honor what you value most.  Consult with your support network and be sure to include your closest mentors in the contemplation of potential next steps.  Be sure to follow your gut and present your most honest personal truth.

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