5 Reasons Why You Have a Dismal Sex Life


5 Reasons Why You Have a Dismal Sex Life

It was a cool spring night when our lives changed forever. As the bed rocked and the sheets moved it was at that moment when our dreams of having a child began. Oh, it was amazing sex. Little did we know that our sex life would change forever.
We’re sure you love your kids as much as we love ours, but kids can throw a serious kink into your sex life.

If your kids are younger you are dealing with lack of sleep from late night wake ups, a bit older and they are aware of what’s going on, and even older they are staying up later than you are. It can be tough to make love when you know your kid is up in the room next to you. We know as our oldest shares a wall with us.


You need to get creative!

Think outside of what you have been doing when it comes to your sex life and change it up. Can you have sex while the kids are in school? Would an early morning session while kids are sleeping work? How about getting outside of the house and trying a new place?

Whatever you decide to do make sure it is something that the both of you feel comfortable doing.

Activity Overload

Enough already!
All the sports, networking groups, church events, etc are putting both of you into activity overload. You know it is…so why do you keep doing them?

If having an amazing sex life and bonding with your spouse is important to you then it’s time to draw a line in the sand. It’s time for you to say, “I can’t do everything.”

Did you say it?

If so, congratulations as you have taken the first step toward a new you. Now the tough part begins. You and your spouse need to sit down alone and then with your kids to come up with a plan that allows both of you and your family down time.

One night as we were exhausted from another day of non-stop activities we knew there was a problem. “Houston we have a problem”, was glaring in my mind and we needed to figure it out.

As we sat and talked we realized that there was something always going on. We were running from one activity to the other. Our sex life was not what it had been and both of us could tell.

Sound familiar?

It was at this point that we decided to cut everything back. Yep, it was painful and tough, but it was one of the best things we did to gain balance in our marriage and a huge step back to the sex life we both desired.

Moving Forward

It’s now time for you to determine which of these are holding you back in having the sex life you desire. Start with one, then another, and then another. You are going to reap the benefits that will help you have the sex life you desire in your marriage.

Get more intimacy, romance, and passion in your marriage today.



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