Sharpening The Axe | Bern Moses


We were being stroked and buffed by a lot of feel good, time worn admonitions, aphorisms and clichés that didn't hold up under the rigors of the job.

And so, I decided to position myself at an abrupt angle, and began to turn the metaphorical wheel toward me. This meant I had to question and challenge every idea and thought that was thrust at me. I'd twist and turn whatever I was told every which way to see if there were another, more effective, way to express it. Always looking for another perspective, a different phrase, or a novel posture. My life began to change dramatically, and as I progressed there were new and different perspectives that came to light.


I was confronting life instead of accommodating it. I suddenly realized that I was in command of the direction my life was taking, even though I was never in control. Rather than reacting to circumstances, I became one.

The joy of my life since then has been the conveying and coaching of these insights. A literal parade of successful, happy and fulfilled people are the assets of my being and having been. You are invited to look closer at what we have to offer, and encouraged to not turn away too quickly. There is the promise and a guarantee that our ideas are fresh, unique, powerful and they always work. Think of us as your honing stone, and be confident that we'll be spinning your wheel of fortune and fame in the right direction.

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