What Can A Poker Game Teach You About Getting A Proposal?


What Can A Poker Game Teach You About Getting A Proposal?
Will your efforts at getting a marriage proposal land you at the winner's table?

In poker this happens all the time. The promising hand that started with an Ace and a King can end up as worthless as the hand that started with a two and a seven.  Of course in a card game as the dealing continues we base our decision on the cards in our hand, not the cards we had hoped to get.  Just like deciding when to fold in poker, you need to look beyond the relationship that you had hoped for and focus on the relationship that you have actually been dealt.  This is the only way to make the right decision when it comes to choosing whether to play out this hand or to fold and start with a fresh hand that has a better chance of being a winner. 

Living Together AKA Going “All In”


Whether it is a poker game or a relationship, some people are better than others at identifying when to fold their hand or call it quits in their relationship. No matter which category you fall into, we would all agree that the last thing you should do is to put all your chips into the pot when it is clearly time to fold. Despite how easily most women would recognize this truth in a poker game, they often make this very mistake when they are trying to get a proposal out of a relationship that has no hope for marriage.

These women will acknowledge that their best efforts have not brought them any closer to walking down the aisle, yet they then agree to become even more invested in this relationship by moving in with a non-committal boyfriend. Throwing more chips into the pot or more time and energy into a relationship does not change the reality that it is time to quit. It may delay the inevitable, but at some point you will regret throwing all of your chips at a losing hand. 

So, if you rated your strategy for getting married one day as if it were a poker game, what type of player would you be? Would you be the type who can never get past the first few hands because your enthusiasm has you throwing all your chips in before you properly evaluate your hand? Or will you be the type who learns that the key to making it to the final table is to quickly identify the losing hands that you are dealt before you invest too much in them? 

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