Sex Sells


Sex Sells
Modern day courtesans and their role in the business world.

A female courtesan and prestigious male were viewed as simply an affair of benefits gained for both those involved. Publicly and socially, affairs of this sort were common in Europe during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, as well as the early 20th century, and were generally accepted in wealthy circles.

There were many famous courtesans in history, one of which is Diane de Poitiers (3 September 1499 – 25 April 1566) was a French noblewoman and a prominent courtier at the courts of kings Francis I and his son, Henry II of France. She became notorious as the latter’s favourite mistress. It was in this capacity that she wielded much influence and power at the French Court, which continued until Henry was mortally wounded in a tournament accident, during which his lance wore her favour (ribbon) rather than his wife’s.



The powerful influence of courtesans, who owe their existence largely to the Catholic Church, has flown unseen in the courts and commerce of  Europe for centuries. Sex was their currency.

There is a difference between a mistress and a courtesan—and that is love. Courtesan sold herself, body and mind, as a career. A mistress gave away her love, and often had children with her lover. Now that’s not to say a courtesan couldn’t become a mistress, but then she wouldn’t be a courtesan anymore.


When we look at the strong historical significance and social acceptance (even if it was a double edge sword) of courtesans, mistresses and geisha; we see a stark contrast to our current puritanically influenced society where extra marital affairs, mistresses, and prostitution is shunned and condemned.

The 20th and 21st centuries changing view of the skilled, sexual, available female has increased social stigma, encouraged divorce through the hyper-focus on monogamy and can be a hindrance in our  sexual expression.


Could Bibi Jones be a modern day courtesan, who inspires with her beauty, titillates the male senses, and utilizes her sexual skills to pleasure others?

I am uncertain.


What I do know is that women’s sexuality has influenced our world for centuries, socially, academically and even in times of war.  When we place taboos and stigmas to a historically accepted practice, we lose a part of the fabric of our diverse culture.

When we normalize the ways of the business world in past and in the current context, whose goal is to allure and secure potential clients, we will accept that not only money, the promise of fame, vacations, material items and more, influence our social and business transactions, but the powerful role of sex will continue to play an important part.


Bibi may not pass as a courtesan, yet sexual currency cannot be denied as influential in today’s business world.

Bibi’s eye candy and her sexual actions may have influenced a few baseball players to sign on with Gaylord Sports Management. 

That was what they wanted, Right?


To allure, pursue and obtain the clients or items that will further their business or social agenda.

Sex Sells.


Are you buying?

Business is.

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