Sex Sells


Sex Sells
Modern day courtesans and their role in the business world.

According to the Daily Mail,  Http:// an agent at one of America’s biggest sports agencies is accused of using a porn star, Bibi Jones of such films as “Naughty Nannies 3″ and “Amateur Action”, to help him recruit new players for his agency.



“Porn star Bibi Jones claimed in an interview that she used to accompany Gaylord Sports Management agent Terry Bross to bars where he would talk to baseball players that he was hoping to sign.”

Bibi reports  sleeping with at least 10 of the baseball players she met over the course of a year through Mr. Bross, on her own accord, and without pay. ” ‘I was willing to do it,’ she said. ‘It wasn’t even expected for me to hook up with these guys. It was just like I was arm candy for him.’”


The underlying theme here is about businesses utilizing prostitutes to secure deals.

Does this surprise anyone?


It happens, right here in America.

It may be a car, an exorbitant amount of money, a vacation or a prostitute.  Businesses use pleasure and thrill to secure the person or the deal.


This alluring and ‘rewarding’ approach to business is even more formalized in other countries.

Currently, many Asians countries customarily provide a prostitute to solidify business deals.  It is even considered an offense if you do not accept the ‘gift’.


Most of us are aware of the beauty, entertainment and skill of the Japanese Geisha.

A culturally accepted and highly sought after woman of talent and knowledge that included skill in the bedroom.


“Traditional Japan embraced sexual delightsand men were not constrained to be faithful to their wives. The ideal wife was a modest mother and manager of the home and love had secondary importance. For sexual enjoyment and romantic attachment, men did not go to their wives, but to courtesans. “

“In modern day,… Geishas can be compared to as cultural hostesses who have the power to move Japanese men’s desire in a profound way.”  Geisha’s and maiko’s are now a rare sight outside hanamachi. In the 1920s, there were over 80,000 geisha in Japan,but today, there are far fewer. The exact number is unknown to outsiders and is estimated to be from 1,000 to 2,000, mostly in the resort town of Atami.

A sluggish economy, declining interest in the traditional arts, the exclusive nature of the flower and willow world, and the expense of being entertained by geisha have all contributed to the tradition’s decline.


It is through cultural acceptance that the worlds oldest profession became legitimate.

This cultural acceptance is seen throughout history particularly with the famous courtesans of Europe as well as in Hellenistic society.


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