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The Key To Resolving Affairs

It can take less than three hours to have an affair. Yet once your affair becomes exposed, you can pretty much count on that sooner or later it will be public knowledge. You will fairly quickly start to feel that the topic will never end. You will find yourself drowning in a sea of endless repetitive questions, ...

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Who Are We Running Away From?

Every day there is another tragic story in which someone has ended up dying or destroying their life due to drugs, food, sex or just plain despair. One week we discover Amy Winehouse is dead at 27. The week before the Olympic skier, Jeret “Speedy” Peterson had violently ended his life. In another ...

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How Can You End a Marriage That Never Was

When looking at divorce, we tend to make several assumptions. We assume that the relationship in question didn’t work out for various reasons. Frequently, we see one more at fault that the other. In addition, we may all agree that the relationship needs to be dissolved as quickly as possible and the two ...

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Articles by Doctor Bruce Derman

The Key To Resolving Affairs

Hearing the story from the 'real cheater' is the key to resolving an affair and moving on!

Depressed Man

Who Are We Running Away From?

Many people attempt to fill their emptiness through some external means which leads them nowhere.

Man Vs. Woman

How Can You End a Marriage That Never Was

Many divorcing couples are under the illusion they had a real marriage. I propose this is false.

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